Travelling alone can be fun and adventurous, but two is always better than one! Travelling with your partner or friends is truly amazing and rewarding. Those memories can last a lifetime and you will always treasure them with joy.

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Here’s why!

1. Getting to know each other better

Adventure happens when you’re out of your comfort zone. It’s not what happens to you, but how you react or response to it that matters. For me, I’m always “gan jiong”, my SO is usually as cool as a cucumber. I am terrible at directions, so I do more up-front preparation and planning, while he guides me across the city. This way, we learn to accommodate to each other and make the most of our trip. Only you will understand the experiences that you have gone through together while travelling, and they belong exclusively to both of you. It’s an entirely different kind of experience.

You will also get to find out so many interesting things about your partner / friends, both strengths and weaknesses. During travelling, where you feel most comfortable, the bad habits will start to show. It’s always better to learn all this now rather than later, no?

Remember, it’s all about compromising. Nothing should spoil the holidays!

2. Two is always better than one

It’s always nice to have someone to look out for you, and to take care of you. While travelling, all you’ve got is your partner to rely on, that’s when you need someone who makes you feel safe, and you can count on him, trust him. When you’re indecisive, it’s always good to have another person to make that decision together and you know you have got each other’s back.

It’s definitely an extra pair of helping hands to make tasks easier. I do not have to pay others to carry luggage / stuff for me 😛 Apart from that, I usually keep track of expenses when I travel. So it’s always better for SO to handle the cash while I record.

Talk about convenience! I hate having to worry about my belongings (especially luggage) whenever I go to the loo. But, with someone I can trust, things are easier.

What’s more, you will never get bored. Nobody likes being bored. We all know how it feels sitting still for extended period of time during a long flight, bus ride, or a train trip. During these times, you will really appreciate knowing there’s someone by your side to keep you happy and entertained.

Single Rider lines in theme parks might help to save you wait time in queues, but it’s totally not worth it. You will need that special someone next to you, sharing the magical moments with you and relieving those sweet memories together again and again and again.

It’s true that solo travel gives you ultimate freedom, but happiness is doubled when shared. A great travel companion can enhance your travel experience and make it your best vacation ever.

3. Much more economical

Last but not least. Expenses are halved. You get to share the cost of almost everything; lodging, activities, cab fares, meals, checked-in baggage and etc.

Street food is easily one of the best things a country can offer. With a traveling partner, definitely you will have more space in your tummy and you will get to eat everything you crave. And of course, preferably with someone who share similar interests / likings. You feel happier if he / she is also a foodie like you. You do not want someone to stare at you while you are gobbling your food down mindlessly, do you?

Little compromises are unavoidable, but you don’t have to over-compromise or undermine your own desires. Make happiness a priority.


Now, it’s time to prepare a list of the destinations you want to travel to.

One of the most important parts of any trip is finding the right travel buddy. A “right” companion can make or break your trip 🙂